The life of Isambard Kingdrom Brunel – Civil Engineer


One of the greatest civil engineers of all time, Isambard Kingdom Brunel is renowned for his innovative and enduring creations.
This intimate account of his life, written by his son, records his most famous achivements, including the dangerous work on the dangerous work on the Thames Tunnel, now part of the London Underground, which almost cost him his life.
However, it was his work on the Great Western Railway and the development of screw-propulsion, culminating in the building of the Great Britain, the world’s first propeller-driven ship, that have become his lasting contributions to modern engineering.
The construction of steamships was his greatpassion, and he crowned his career with the largest steamship ever built, the Great Eastern. Tragically, it was the stresses attendant upon the building of this ship which led to his declining health and, ultimately, his death shortly before her maiden voyage.
Brunel’s legacy continues to impact upon the modern world, from the East London Tube Line to the majesticspan of the Clifton Suspension Bridge.


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