London’s secret walks


London is full of fascinating ‘nooks and cranny’s’ and hidden treasures. This book details 25 walks in different part of the city revealing many of those sights. Most of the walks can be done in half a day or less. It is easy to use, educational and highly enjoyable.

London is a great city for walking – whether for pleasure,exercise or simply to get from A to B. Despite the city’s extensive public transport system, walking is also often the quickest and most enjoyable way to get around – at least in the centre – and it’s also free and healthy!

London has a somewhat haphazard street pattern (to put it mildly), the result of having grown organically over 2,000 years rather than being planned logically, like some modern cities.
As a result, many attractions are off the beaten track, away from the major thoroughfares and public transport hubs.
This favours walking as the best way to explore them, as does the fact that London is a visually interesting city with a wealth of stimulating sights in every ‘nook and cranny’.

The starting point for this book was Samuel Johnson’s advice to his friend Boswell in the 18th century, on the occasion of the latter’s arrival in London:”survey its innumerable little lanes and courts.” By extension, wander off the beaten tourist track and you’ll find a world of fascinating sights, as you would expect in a city as large and old as London.

Author: Graeme Chesters
Format: Paperback

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