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A small museum in Rotherhithe with a very big story!

The Brunel Museum is in the Engine House on the site where Marc Brunel’s world famous 1843 Thames Tunnel was created.  Arising from COVID-19 and the ensuing government guidance, the Museum’s doors have had to close and the impact of the loss of income is significant  – and will be for many months to come.  The Museum is at risk of permanent closure so Trustees decided to start up a campaign appeal via its website.   After just 3 days, it  has raised over £2,500 from many of its generous supporters. This is just the start and Trustees are now turning their attention to getting help from the engineering sector. Marc and Isambard Brunel did so much for the UK – for the world for that matter – it is payback time.  Ironically both of these brilliant men had moments in their lives of suffering severe debt. They would have understood and probably said: ‘Hold your nerve and carry on!’ 

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