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Leave a gift in your will

50 years ago, a group of enthusiasts got together to save and restore the Brunel Engine House. Today, their work lives on as the Brunel Museum. Please consider leaving a gift in your will to help us share the Brunel legacy with even more people in the generations to come.

A gift costs nothing in your lifetime and makes a difference for years to come.

If you are interested in leaving a legacy, please contact us at

How do I make a will?

Having an up-to-date Will prepared by a solicitor is the best way to ensure that your future wishes will be carried out. It is also the perfect way to leave something to help the charity continue their vital work for generations to come.

You can make or amend free wills face-to-face with the National Free Wills Network. The National Free Wills Network have teamed up with local solicitors across the UK and some of your favourite charities to make it easy to leave a gift in your Will.

You can find more information about making a will from Remember a Charity


How do I leave a gift to the Brunel Museum?

To include the Brunel Museum in your will your solicitor will ask for our registered charity number – 1003287 – and our address: Brunel Museum, Brunel Engine House, Railway Avenue, London, SE16 4LF. You can find a list of solicitors here:

If you do intend to leave us legacy please do consider letting us know. We’d like to stay in touch with you with news from the museum and to thank you for your support.

We can’t provide will-writing or tax advice ourselves but we can give you more information about how a gift in your will would make a difference to the Museum.

If find out more or let us know your intentions you can email us at


Do I need to leave a specific amount?

We welcome any support you are able to give. The amount of your gift is entirely up to you – allowing you to ensure loved ones are taken care of. Remember – a gift in your will costs nothing in your life time.


Are there any tax benefits for leaving a legacy?

There may be some reduction in inheritance tax if you leave a gift in your will. For advice, speak to your solicitor or visit the website 


How can I support the Museum today?

If you’d like to support the Brunel Museum today, you make can make a gift through our Crowdfunder.

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