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Historic news clippings

Noteworthy news clippings from our archives

Tunnel Under the Thames

Why the proposed tunnel under the Thames will be impossible to build
Newspaper clipping from 1823


Request to parliament (the commons) for permission to bring forward a bill to build the Thames Tunnel.

House of Commons

"NEW TUNNEL. Mr W. SMITH obtained leave to bring in a bill for making a Tunnel under the River, from the Parish of St. John, Wapping, to that of St. Mary, Rotherhithe.

Multiple news items

How the tunnel would add to London's renown (Other tunnel referred to: Euphrates at Babylon - History or Myth?).

The Thames Tunnel – Most Alarming Accident

Tunnel flood, no lives lost, inc. notification from Marc to paper.

Late Accident at the Thames Tunnel AND Report to the Directors of the Thames Tunnel Company.

Longish article on flood and copy of report to directors.

The Thames Tunnel

Work proceeding satisfactorily, Special General Meeting of shareholders expected which should give result of negotiation with govt. for funds.

Dinner at the Thames Tunnel (longer)

Banquet description inc.Coldstream Guards and toasts. (To be preferred over Y3202547223)

Literature: Whitehall, or the days of George IV

A satire of historical novels and the innaccuracies therein - incudes very innacurate account of the Thames Tunnel.

Dinner at the Thames Tunnel

Banquet description inc.Coldstream Guards. (R3211811366 is better.)

Another serious accident at the Thames Tunnel, and loss of lives

An account of the tunnel flood where 6 men lost their lives and IKB was injured.

Visit of the King of Prussia

King of Prussia visits tunnel, meets Sir & Lady Brunel OR IKB & Mary? Journalist Error!

The Accident to Mr. Brunel

In 1843, while performing a conjuring trick for the amusement of his children, Brunel (IKB) accidentally inhaled a half-sovereign coin, which became lodged in his windpipe. Contemporary account.

Brunel Memorial

Meeting of IKB's friends and admirers to discuss memorial.

The Brunel Window

Stained glass window installed in Westminster Abbey as memorial to IKB
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