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Brunel Museum Visitor Charter

The Brunel Museum aims to preserve for public benefit the historic Engine House and sinking Shaft in Rotherhithe, to share our appreciation of the incredible work of Marc and Isambard Brunel and the wide impacts of their work today, and to provide a community space that enhances the surrounding conservation area. In order to do this well, we make these commitments to our visitors:

  1. We will ensure that the Museum is a safe, welcoming, and enjoyable environment for all
  2. We will develop our site, our permanent displays and events with imagination and for the benefit of our audience’s deeper engagement with our stories
  3. We will ensure that the building and facilities are well maintained
  4. We will develop new digital ways of communicating with you and inviting your feedback and contributions
  5. We will ensure that our staff are supported and trained to be able to offer the highest standards of helpfulness and knowledge to our visitors, and to be able to deal efficiently with your enquiries.
  6. We will make sure the information we provide is accurate, clear and reliable
  7. We will find new ways of involving the local community in our planning and vision for the future
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