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Loudspeaker Orchestra Concert Series 22-23: Resonant Chamber

Wednesday 17th May 2023


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Deep underground where the water crosses land, we enter a subterranean space of brick, concrete and iron. This industrial artefact, he world’s first caisson, offers an echo of labours, of sweat and of ambition stands as a silent monument, a reverberant void.


Resonant Chamber explores the power of combining architecture, live performance and recorded sound to create immersive site-specific experiences. Brunel’s tunnel chamber will be transformed into an immersive listening space featuring the premiere of a new work by Bede Williams and Andrew Knight-Hill for trumpet, electronics and the Brunel Caisson; a performance of the music from critically acclaimed ‘Over Lunan’ – composed by Andrew Knight-Hill as an Aproxima Arts commission for the 2021 immersive beach performance in Arbroath (for marimba, conch shell, choir and electronic sound); and a percussion and electronics performance by Second Citizen, Angus Farquhar (creative director Aproxima Arts, ex-NVA, ex-Test Dept.) and Cameron Sinclair (Chamber Orchestra of Europe, Philarmonia, Glyndebourne Orchestra).

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