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Invitation to Pitch – Creative Practitioner

Creative Practitioner Brief – Self Guided Family Resources

An exciting opportunity has arisen to develop a new suite of self-guided family learning resources for the Brunel Museum. These engaging and innovative resources will represent a step-change in how the Museum engages with their family visitors and drives visits to the Museum.

The Brief

We are looking for a creative practitioner to create a self-guided experience for family visitors to the Brunel Museum on site at the Museum during school holidays. This could be in the form of a paper-based or other material trail, a series of interventions that can be introduced and removed from the Museum site when required or a digital resource.

We are looking for an experience which will drive family visits to the Brunel Museum. We are looking for a sustainable activity that can be run again and again without significant additional input from the Museum (please see considerations below). We would be looking to launch the activity during the Easter holidays (see timeline below).

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