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Outreach Talks

The Brunel Museum offers outreach talks where we can provide expert tour guides and speakers to talk about the Thames Tunnel’s history and related themes at your venue.

To make an enquiry / arrange a booking, please fill out this quick form.

Outreach Talks from the Brunel Museum

(£150 per session* / 60 minutes approx. / Brunels' Tunnel guidebooks included)

Can’t come to us? Then we’ll come to you! One of our expert guides will join you at your venue and deliver an in-depth talk on the Thames Tunnel’s history.

With various images from the Brunel Museum’s archive, your group will find out all about how the Thames Tunnel became the world’s first subterranean river crossing and ‘underwater shopping arcade’, how Marc Brunel’s engineering designs were influenced by a very unlikely source and why the tunnel eventually became a train line, that’s still in use today after all these years.

Whether you’re a lover of Victorian design, a mathematically-minded engineering buff or even just want to hear about a quirky piece of London’s history, our outreach talks have something for everyone.

All attendees will receive a free copy of The Brunels’ Tunnel – our fantastic museum guidebook. 

All attendees are also eligible for a 10% discount on general admission tickets to the museum. 

*plus additional travel costs if outside Greater London

Outreach talks form part of the Brunel Museum’s Thames Tunnel on Tour series. This
programme is supported by the National Lottery and Social Enterprise Academy.

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