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#MuseumShopSunday: London Sock Exchange

Close up of grey shoes with pink socks showing between shoe and trousers

Ahead of Museum Shop Sunday on 27 November, we’re showcasing a number of our suppliers. Below, Dan from London Sock Exchange who make our incredible IKB socks, reflects on how he thinks the man might respond to be stitched on a sock!


I co-founded The London Sock Exchange with my business partner Oli in 2015. Since then we’ve been dedicated to making amazing socks, for a reasonable price, and upholding the highest standards in sustainability.

I oversee the design of all of our socks, and absolutely love the process of translating iconic things from the real world into the medium of luxurious cotton yarn.

Over the years I’ve taken particular pleasure in our socks which celebrate British icons – be it James Bond, the puffins of the Hebridean islands or beloved Shakespearean characters – but one of my all-time favourites is our pair of socks which pays tribute to Brunel.


Close up of grey shoes with pink socks showing between shoe and trousers

That’s because Brunel was one of those rare things: a double design icon.

Not only did he break boundaries in the world of engineering and design – he also really knew how to put together an outfit for himself. Top-hat, cigar, three-piece suit: if only we could all turn up for work looking quite so dashing.

I like to think Brunel would have been a fan of our own sock engineering processes. We choose to knit our socks with a whopping 200 needles (most highstreet socks are knitted from a mere 150 needles or so) – this gives our socks a finer, stronger finish, and lets us render our designs with next-level detail.

We also finish each pair of socks by hand, for a seamless fit around the toe. And all this while also upholding the highest standards when it comes to environmental and labour standards in our production processes, and only using certified sustainable combed cotton yarns.

I think IBK would have approved!

You can purchase your own IKB socks for yourself or a loved one on our website here: IKB Socks – Brunel Museum (

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