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We hope you enjoyed our activities book. Here are a few bonus activities for you!

outline sketch of Isambard Kingdom Brunel

Whilst the most famous image of Isambard Kingdom Brunel is him standing against the launching chains for the Great Eastern, people have taken this image of him and put it in a number of other contexts. What background do you want to give him?

Download this image to colour in.


Word Search Image

We’ve put together a Word Search for you based on the Brunel family and their achievements.

Click here to download the word search pdf to print at home.

Click here to download a version including the solution.


Sketch in blue of a piece of cardboard held up with two books


Download pdf instructions by clicking here.

This exercise needs a minimum of two people.

Suggested Materials:
A large piece of corrugated cardboard or foam-core board
2 books or blocks
2 ballpoint pens

How good are your directions?
One major challenge of building a tunnel is making sure that the teams digging from each side meet in the middle. In this activity you will need to describe the location of a tunnel opening on one side of a piece of cardboard to your teammate (e.g. sibling / parent…) who will try to recreate it on the other side.

Download the pdf for full instructions and reflection discussion topics.


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