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Tunnelling through Time – An Online Escape Room

Tunneling through Time: Brunel Museum to launch online escape room


  • Brunel Museum to launch online escape room
  • Intrepid online explorers will be transported back through time to 3 significant moments in the Thames Tunnels history
  • They will be required to solve puzzles such as dinner party seating, finding codes and internet sleuthing


The Brunel Museum is to launch an online escape room. Inspiration from the puzzles is drawn from real moments in the history of the Thames Tunnel. Escapees will have to complete a number of tasks ranging from dinner party seating arrangements, a coconut shy, and some internet sleuthing -perfect for anyone who’s stalked their ex’s new beau.


The game has been designed and built by Deadlocked Escape Rooms, boutique live Escape Room company and one of the pioneers of virtual escape rooms. Their previous game ‘The Cyphstress’ won ‘Best Digital Escape Game’ at the International Bullseye Awards in 2020, and they have strived to make the most cinematic transmedia digital escape game in the world for The Brunel Museum.


The Thames Tunnel was considered to be the ‘Eighth Wonder of the World’ when it opened in 1843.  The game focuses on three significant moments in the Thames Tunnel history. The Tunnel was used several times for Fancy Fairs when magicians, sword swallowers, tightrope walkers, and fire eaters were entertaining people in the Thames Tunnel.


Despite the dangers of the tunnel during it’s construction, the partially completed tunnel was used twice as a dining venue! On 10th November 1828 Isambard held a grand banquet in the eastern arch of the tunnel for at least 40 influential people.  It was draped in crimson and lit with gas candelabra for the occasion and dining was accompanied by the band of the Coldstream Guards. In the adjacent western arch, 120 of the workforce sat down to their own special dinner of roast beef and beer, after which they drank the health of the young Resident Engineer and presented him with a pick and shovel.


The Tunnel was also under constant threat of flooding, something online escapees will have to find a way to remedy if they want to return to their own time.

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