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Brunel Museum staff get pay rise following increase in Living Wage

The Brunel Museum has given its most junior staff a pay rise, effective immediately, following the increase in the Living Wage, announced by the Living Wage Foundation.

The Museum has been an accredited Living Wage employer since June 2021. To retain Living Wage status, organisations must implement the increase by 14 May 2023 at the latest. However, the Brunel Museum has chosen to make the change now in order to help its lowest paid staff deal with the cost of living crisis.


“We’re not a huge organisation with huge resources but this is one change we can make now in order to make a real immediate difference in the lives of our workforce.” Said Museum Director Katherine McAlpine.


“For Living Wage Employers in our network, we encourage them to implement these new rates as soon as they can, so their staff can meet the rising cost of living as we approach the winter months.

 We’re delighted to see Brunel Museum lead the way by paying these rates immediately to their staff and we encourage other employers that are able to do so to follow their lead. Paying the real Living Wage remains the best thing employers can do to support their lowest paid workers during difficult times”

Living Wage Foundation, Director Katherine Chapman:


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