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Sophia’s Story After School Club at the Brunel Museum (fully booked)

Weekly; 7 NOVEMBER to 12 DECEMBER (see below for full dates)

4pm to 5pm

Free | suitable for ages 7-9


This November and December, the Brunel Museum is running a series of engaging after-school (STEM) workshops for budding young engineers, scientists and architects. Each week, through hands-on creative activities, children will learn all about different types of energy, how physical forces work and how to construct the perfect building design.

Led by a team of inspiring STEM ambassadors, children will also share in the remarkable story of Sophia Brunel, a brilliant engineering mind of the Victorian era in her own right and the older sister of Isambard Kingdom Brunel.

Any questions? Please read our FAQs and see below for full descriptions of the after-school club sessions.

Every workshop will run from 4pm-5pm. The weekly sessions are as follows:

Session 1, Monday 7th November – ‘Meet Sophia Brunel’

In the opening week, children will be introduced to Sophia Brunel herself, played by one of our fantastic character actors from Spectrum Drama. Once described as ‘Brunel in petticoats’, Sophia knew as much about engineering as her famous brother Isambard but was denied the opportunity to formally study by the strict codes of her time. She will talk all about her life in Victorian England as well as the famous story of the Thames Tunnel. Children will also meet our wonderful team of STEM volunteers and find out more about the Brunel Museum itself.

Session 2, Monday 14th November – ‘Straw Rocket Blasters’

In the second week, children will make their own paper rockets to understand more about forces and the laws of motion – important for engineers when they are designing anything – from cars to space shuttles!

Session 3, Thursday 24th November – ‘Stemazing Structures’

In the third week, we will be building towers to explore the importance and properties of different shapes in engineering design.

Session 4, Monday 28th November – ‘Potential Energy Poppers’

In this week, children will learn about energy and energy transfer with a science experiment involving launching projectiles made with different materials.

Session 5, Monday 5th December – ‘Amazing Aerodynamics’

In our fifth workshop, children will investigate how the air interacts with everything around it by making different designs of spinners and learning about amazing aerodynamics.

Session 6, Monday 12th December – ‘Discovering Density’

In the sixth and final week, we are going to explore density and get creative with chemistry by making our own lava lamp. Understanding density is important for scientists and engineers when they work with any solid, liquid or gas.


These sessions are run in partnership with STEMAZING™ and funded by the Esmée Fairbairn Collections Fund.


Stemazing champions diversity and inclusion in STEM, running a community of Stemazing Women.

“STEMAZING is delighted to partner with The Brunel Museum in London to provide training and support to 4 women in STEM who are stepping up as visible role models to inspire the next generation through their fun, engaging after school STEM Club. Not only will the children have a blast getting curious and creative with hands-on STEM activities, but they will see for themselves that STEM is not just for the boys. This is why female role models are critical in STEM. You can’t be what you can’t see!”


The Esmée Fairbairn Collections Fund is run by the Museums Association, funding projects that develop collections to achieve social impact. Since its launch in 2011, it has awarded 162 projects with grants totalling over £11 million.



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