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Tales of Teredo Navalis

Saturday 1 April - Sunday 16 April

11am to 5pm | Last entry at 4pm

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Marc Brunel’s tunnelling shield paved the way for all modern tunnels. But he was only imitating nature!

This interactive exhibition for Easter holidays 2023 will reveal how Marc Brunel was inspired by Teredo Navalis, the humble shipworm!


Also known as naval shipworms, Teredo Navalis are a type of saltwater dwelling mollusk that survive off eating wood. The head of the worms is like a drill bit, and they are able to eat their way through wood that’s usually either submerged in water or next to water.

This display will show how Marc Brunel was inspired by nature’s ingenuity to create the ground-breaking tunnelling shield which made the Thames Tunnel possible, through a mix of specimens, props and activities.


About the Wild Escape 

Taking place from January to July 2023, The Wild Escape invites children to find a favourite animal in their local museum and create an artwork imagining its journey to a natural habitat. The pictures and stories children create will be brought together in a collective work of art that imagines a better future for the wildlife on our doorstep, launched online and in museums on Earth Day 2023.

As part of The Wild Escape, the Brunel Museum is creating a brand new temporary interactive exhibition for families: Tales of Teredo Navalis.


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