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We are proud to be taking part in #MuseumPassion today. The #MuseumPassion event consists of a whole day of promoted content on social media, TV and radio focusing on the UK’s museums.

Our Learning and Volunteer Manager, Clara, talking about her Museum Passion “This is a watercolour that I love to use again and again for our STEAM activities. The watercolour was drawn by Marc Brunel in 1835 but somehow it looks so modern in its approach. I love the colours and I love the fact that by looking at it I can tell the story of Marc Brunel and his big engineering achievement, the construction of the Thames Tunnel, but also talk about his family – he is the one in the tunnel with Sophia and Isambard*, his daughter and son.”

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Without our passionate volunteers, we couldn’t exist. It only seems right to let them tell you about their reasons for being involved with the museum!

“My passion is from the sheer audacity of the Thames Tunnel project. In the Victorian era engineers pushed the boundaries of technology and it seemed that there were no limits to what could be built!” – Khalil M.

“A hidden gem celebrating a uniquely talented family and reminding us of all that is great about Victorian engineering.” – Gill H.

“I’m studying engineering, so I started off intrigued by this project [the Thames Tunnel] that had such a lasting and profound impact on the world. As I found out more, I became passionate about uncovering the lives of those involved, not just the famous Marc Brunel and his even more famous son Isambard Kingdom Brunel, but the workers, the wives, the sisters – everyone who contributed to this amazing feat.” – Sarah K

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*Note for clarification: The watercolour is generally thought to show Marc Brunel in the tunnel with Sophia (and her husband) with Isambard being one of the figures in the boat above.

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