Notes From Deep time


The story of the Earth is written into our”A marvel-rich masterclass oflandscape. Wanting a fresh perspective,narrative non-fiction, one of thosewriter Helen Gordon set out to readbooks that teaches its readerthat epic see the world completelydifferently.

That it does so withHer odyssey takes her from the secretwit, wisdom and crystal-perfectfossils of London to the 3-billion-year-oldprose only adds to the pleasure’rocks of the Scottish Highlands, andMax Porterfrom a state-of-the-art earthquakemonitoring system in California to oneof the world’s most dangerous volcaniccomplexes, hidden beneath the greenhills of Naples.
At every step, she*Astounding … To call this ahistory does not do justice toHelen Gordon’s ambition’Daily Telegraphfinds that the apparently solid groundbeneath our feet isn’t quite as it seems.


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