Rosie Revere, Engineer


by Andrea Beaty and illustrated by David Roberts

Rosie Revere dreams of becoming a great engineer. She creates wonderful gadgets and gizmos – but only when no one is watching. She’s kept her inventions a secret ever since, when she was very small, her uncle Zookeeper Fred laughed at the special cheese hat she designed him to keep snakes at bay. But then great-great-great aunt Rosie, in her red-and-white spotted headscarf, appears on the scene, and helps Rosie to understand that sometimes you’ve got to risk failure before you can find success.

Each page spread is beautifully designed, making clever use of colour, pattern and white space; children will love exploring all the wacky details of Rosie’s imaginative creations, and spotting the items that recur on different pages. A historical note on the final page explains that the story takes its inspiration from Rosie the Riveter – the fictional World War II character whose slogan was ‘We Can Do It!’

Interest age: 4+, reading age 7+.

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