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Rainbow River Virtual Pub Crawl

Fancy travelling back to 1780 for a glass of Mother’s Ruin at the The Widow In Masquerade?  If you’re lucky you might meet the infamous Female Soldier and hear their tales of genderbending infamy!

Or shall we saunter down to The Prospect Of Whitby in the 1800’s where flamboyant local queens and slumming gentlemen might join you for a Hot Toddy?

Sacha and Sheldon, two tour guides and LGBTQ+ historians, will take you on a virtual time traveling bar crawl through some of London’s queerest historic haunts. With the Brunel Museum they have researched 7 places along the Thames and East End where LGBTQ+ people past and present have found safe haven. Join us for a virtual tour with a lemon twist, a fabulous evening of cocktails cock tales and herstorical hijinks!

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