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Wedding FAQs

To make your day as stress-free as possible, we’ve put together a list of Frequently Asked Questions about our weddings.

Are you doing weddings for up to 15 Guests?

Yes. We are offering bespoke Microwedding packages for up to 15 Guests from 12 April. If you would like to book a wedding for up to 6 guests before 12 April, please email 

How do I find out what dates are free?

Email us at

Who do I contact regarding a registrar for the day?

Please contact Southwark Registrar if you need to be legally married – this is a separate cost from the hire of The Brunel Museum and we would not organise on your behalf. Please see our list of approved suppliers.

Can I have access the night before/day after?

Access the night before and day after can be booked in at an extra cost depending on availability.

Where can guests park?

In our bid to be as sustainable as possible, we encourage as many guests as possible to travel using public transport or consider car or taxi sharing to minimise the impact on the environment. The Brunel Museum maintains two car parking spaces for accessibility. If you require these spaces please let us know on your booking form. To find out how to get to the Brunel Museum click here. 

How many toilets are there?

The following toilets will be available for use in the lower floor of the museum

  • 1 cubicle for ladies/accessible
  • 1 cubicle/2 urinals for men

Additional toilet facilities can be hired in by the client.

Disabled Access

As an historic site, we are currently restricted in our accessibility to those of limited mobility.

Access to the floor of the Shaft is by 3 flights of stairs down, with no lift. A viewing platform at the top is accessible by wheelchair users.

Are balloons allowed?

We do not allow balloons in the Tunnel Shaft.

What facilities are included? 

Music: The museum can provide a mixer deck, amplifier and speakers for your MP3 player/laptop/sound system

Lighting: DMX lighting system with 10 motorised gobo-enabled coloured LED spotlights

What additional facilities do you offer?

High-power projector Sony VPL-FHZ700L, 4m x 2.3m screen: for display from your laptop/device

Bechstein small grand piano: for live performance, includes tuning fee

Do you provide cleaners? 

To keep our costs down, our standard rental includes clients being responsible for managing their own events: setting out the venue as required and leaving the site in the same state in which it was found, including cleaning where necessary. All rubbish and recycling to be removed from site by client.

What are your cancellation charges? 

Less than 1 month notice before event: 100% full hire cost

Less than 2 months before event: 50% hire cost

More than 2 months before event: damage deposit

Please note that cancellations must be made in writing or email and then confirmed by the museum before they are operative

What if we have to cancel because of COVID-19?

From 12 April, the Museum is able to safely host intimate celebrations for up to 15 people. If the current government guidelines change or we are required to close the venue for any other reason, you will be notified immediately, and we will endeavour to find a suitable alternative date.

What about noise? 

We like our neighbours, and they like us! To be fair to them, we have a sound limit of 92dB measured outside the building with the shaft door closed. The decibel level will be regularly monitored throughout the event by our staff.

Fire Safety

Before the start of your event, you will be briefed about site evacuation procedures. You will need to nominate two or more people to be in charge of fire evacuation procedures to attend this meeting.

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