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#OTDH 10 November 1827 – Banquet Under the Thames

Today marks 195 years since the Banquet under the Thames – one of the strangest locations for a dinner party! Our volunteer Keith Turpin reflects on the event and the painting that depicts it!  Loud music, alcohol and food consumption may sometimes be intrusive companions on a journey using London’s underground, or part of a good …

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Sophia Macnamara Hawes (nee Brunel) #OTDH

During #WomensHistoryMonth we’re sharing the stories of women who made engineering history: from the lesser known Brunel women, trailblazing female engineers from the past or the women making history today. Today’s post is from our volunteer Gill Howard and is about Marc’s first child, Sophia Brunel  Sophia Macnamara Brunel (b. 30 April 1802, d. 17th …

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1828 Tunnel Flood

12th January 1828. Near shift change. Isambard was in the shield, helping workers at the face itself. “Suddenly a torrent of water swept in, knocked them out of the frame and extinguished all the lights. A fallen timber trapped Isambard’s leg” (The Brunels’ Tunnel, pg41). On this day in 1828, the Thames Tunnel flooded for …

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