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Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day

The Brunel Museum is marking St Patrick’s Day 2021 with music and drama!

We will be celebrating the contribution of the Irish community to the creation of the Thames Tunnel, the first tunnel built through soft ground underwater anywhere in the world, and we are inviting you to celebrate with us at home.

Join us for our film release on March 17, 2021 

How to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day at home

Since we’ll be celebrating the day at home this year to comply with social distancing guidelines, here is something to help you celebrate. Remember:

Wear green!

Decorate your home green!

Have a green drink and eat an Irish dish.

Make a Leprechaun hat.

The Leprechaun is one of Ireland’s more famous characters from Irish folklore. Leprechauns live in underground caves to find safety away from humans who seek to capture them to be granted 3 wishes! Find some fun facts about Leprechauns here.

Click for instructions and a template and watch Katie’s video below

Set a leprechaun trap to see if you’re visited by a leprechaun

You will need to set the trap the night before St. Patrick’s Day, and it might be that you awake to discover signs that leprechauns have visited the it!

But you can always send a Leprechaun card to a friend

Here are instructions and a template and you can watch Katie’s video below:

Decorate your house with shamrock flowers

The shamrock is a small clover and is the symbol of Ireland Here is a small-shamrock-template for hat decoration you can use.

Eat Irish food!

The Irish like their ‘poundies’! We like this Champ recipe.

It goes really well with an Irish stew!

And here are some suggestions from BBC Good Food for some family Irish cooking! Don’t forget to ask for an Irish cream chocolate mousse cake – This one from Bon Appetit it’s delicious!

For your drink you can just add a few drops of green food colouring to it!

Play some good Irish Music!

We like ‘The Trip to Athlone’ Click here to hear a taste of it.

We hope you have enjoyed your party!

You can now make a shamrock wish and share it with your family! Click here for a shamrock wish template.


We would love to see your wonderful crafty decorations and food creations, so do tag us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!



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