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Director’s Diary: Isambard Brunel dans son cabaret

Last week visits from Subterranea Britannica, UCL, primary schools and an Arts Society. And of course concerts and river walks and cocktails.    This week Secret Adventures for underground film & cocktails, and on Saturday the welcome return of Down the Shaft our own underground cabaret.   This week is also the anniversary of Isambard Kingdom Brunel’s underground cabaret …

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Director’s Diary: more subterranean concerts

Half term holidays the children’s craft workshops were busy, and also the usual boat trips, river walks, film showing and concert. Midnight Apothecary served cocktails for  Hallowe’en.   Next week we have visits from Subterranea Britannica , engineering students from UCL, Albion Primary School researching the docks and The Arts Society Kingston. We also have concerts and …

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Director’s Diary: spooky, spoke-y and ethereal

Congratulations and a cup of tea and cake to Gill who arrived Sunday at the end of a four day, 167 mile ride from Bristol to London. A Sustrans map is available here . Forever associated with Isambard Kingdom Brunel, the city of Bristol is the start of this Great Western Way cycle route, while a museum …

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Brunel Museum makes an entrance with new underground venue

Isambard Kingdom Brunel’s legacy in London continues as his first ever project opens as the capital’s latest cultural attraction. Ever the showman, Brunel organised underground fairs and banquets inside the Thames Tunnel – once described as the Eighth Wonder of the World – in the mid-nineteenth century. He would approve of the transformation of his …

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Brunel the Gardener, Famous Engineer, Farmer’s Son 

Brunel’s Grand Entrance Hall stands in landscaped gardens, stocked with shrubs and trees chosen by Brunel for his chateau in Devon. Because Brunel was a farmer’s son, the poppies are growing amongst runner beans, strawberries, cornflower and asparagus. The wisteria mingles with grape vines in a potager garden. Just a few hundred yards away, the …

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Brunel’s America

As is well known, an intrepid group of pilgrims left Rotherhithe for the New World in 1620. Since then Americans have been returning to England, in growing numbers, to see for themselves where the adventure first began, and where their family roots lie. Some returning Americans have unusual histories. One of the first Americans to …

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